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What are the advantages and disadvantages of phytomining and bioleaching?

internet marketing along exclusion hahaa and component of my own real skill biochemistry and biology GCSE... want a few advice please cosine bing is becoming gay, and any extra details will be good aswell, thanks, chloe times

Answers (5)

maya_* 28-01-2013
Phytomining can be a completely new means of descent involving precious metals associated with cheap in heavily polluted precious metal weather. The particular descent method is conducted by simply plants, the actual facilities frame the elements through their own origins, it's located there because the place develops and the plant can be burned up to produce bio-ore. This procedure can be lengthy yet very economical as compared to minelaying the idea the old designed method. This metal generated is often associated with low quality because there are a significant quantity of harmful particles. But there is a number of profit way too similar to cleansing the actual territory, referred to as phytoaccumulating because a few plants will not likely increase in greatly toxified land.
radhakanta 30-03-2013
"environmental: Toxic chemicals are sometimes produced in the process. Sulfuric acid and H+ ions that have been formed can leak into the ground and surface water turning it acidic, causing environmental damage. Heavy ions such as iron, zinc, and arsenic leak during acid mine drainage. When the pH of this solution rises, as a result of dilution by fresh water, these ions precipitate, forming ""Yellow Boy"" pollution. For these reasons, a setup of bioleaching must be carefully planned, since the process can lead to a biosafety failure. "
sabut 04-04-2013
"inexpensive: bioleaching is at cosmopolitan simpler as well as, as a result, more cost-effective to work and keep than regular functions, given that fewer specialists are needed to use intricate chemical crops. "
sushe 05-04-2013
"environmental: The process is more environmentally friendly than traditional extraction methods.[citation needed] For the company this can translate into profit, since the necessary limiting of sulfur dioxide emissions during smelting is expensive. Less landscape damage occurs, since the bacteria involved grow naturally, and the mine and surrounding area can be left relatively untouched. As the bacteria breed in the conditions of the mine, they are easily cultivated and recycled. "
atmaja 06-04-2013
    "ore attention: Bioleaching can easily take away other metals by ores which might be far too bad for most different technologies. Quite a few that can help partly set back the exact substantial mashing together with mincing that may equals prohibitive monetary value and ultizing in place in the regular apply. "

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