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norris 30-01-2013
ETG is a unique metabolite of alcohol, and therefore, if it is present is suggests that alcohol has been present. (Several other tests for drugs test for unique metabolites, e.g. when testing for cocaine the metabolite benzoylecognine is what is easiest to detect and proves cocaine was present). So no, it cannot.
gaurinath 17-05-2013
Bloodstream as well as spit assessments can show latest inebriation.
amit-kumar 22-05-2013
    On the other hand, water checks pertaining to medical marijuana metabolites could only show current marihuana work with, Not tipsiness or incapacity, due to the occasion essential among cigarettes plus the metabolites getting taken out inside the piss. 
lakhshan 25-05-2013
    mainly because several companies possess a absolutely no building up a tolerance regarding medicine manipulation, almost all office buildings employ pee assessments for almost any current by using drug treatments.
sawant_111 25-05-2013
    Approximately THC metabolites produce an removing fifty percent-life of 30 hours. On the other hand, several are generally stored in body fat and possess some sort of removing 50 %-lifetime of 15 for you to 13 days. 

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