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Answers (4)

fredk 29-01-2013
Yes, it safe, but I don't think so you should take Tramadol and drink vitamin pills in one time. There should be a time gap between those two medicine, otherwise the medicine wouldn't react.
zadi 16-03-2013
"Tramadol (Ultram) is usually a handled material, plan Four, and possesses each opioid houses that seem the major influence, together with a number of novel middle acting side effects. It's much more resilient compared to motrin in addition to can be likely to assistance with your leg soreness. Nonetheless, is this the best intervention for you? You are able to only get this by means of health professional prescribed and a your current PCP must evaluate ones stifle. "
dharm-mitra 17-03-2013
its absolutely can take it
parvani 19-03-2013
"Uncertain which i would certainly advise taking those two medications in concert, because there is certainly prospective in charge of problems. Not knowing just how all of this evolved, prior to deciding to carry on, use a in depth dialogue using your medical professional. "

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