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gilian 27-01-2013
"Patients can use up to 2000 mg of Acetaminophen every day and is considerably not an overdose. Hepatotoxicity from a single overdose occurs at 15 grams and usage of over 2000 mg each day over a period of time can turn out to be harmful too. However, a dosage of 1000 mg every day by patients with weak livers is sufficient enough to cause liver damage at some point as well. If you really need to take that amount of acetaminophen each day, then I suggest to you to take Liver function tests once every month, just to be on the safe side. Good Health!"
ammar 16-03-2013
In case you need to get that number of acetaminophen on a daily basis, next , i suggest for your requirements to consider Liver-colored operate testing once monthly, just to get on the actual risk-free aspect.
deveshwar 17-03-2013
Are there a number of long-term discomfort that has to have evaluation. Tylenol will certainly hide pain sensation in addition to given a person peace of mind in moderate doasage amounts. Yet a continual soreness should be mentioned with the fam medical professional to ensure the result in, in the event that provide, might be much more direct treated.
digambar 18-03-2013
Hepatotoxicity from your solitary overdose arises with 16 gr as well as usage of more than 1999 mg on a daily basis in a period of time period can turn seem to follow hazardous also. Nevertheless, some sort of dosage involving 1000 mg each day by means of affected individuals using fragile livers will do sufficient to be able to result in liver-colored hurt at some time as well.

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