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If you overdose on antibiotics can it harm u?

My friend features given remedies for just a UTI merely your lover tried out overdosing on her meds... im unsure in case shes all right right now the girl mum hasnt also been retention in touch as well as idk just what hospital is actually she inwards yet your lover got like 15 amox tr-ok one hundred fifty-five antibioticsthat are generally 875-a hundred twenty five mg case as well as 17 Pyridium 2 hundred milligram tab.; could this particular injury your ex?? i am sort of anxious.

Answers (4)

virtualplayer 29-01-2013
not only yes, but there are long term effects as well, such as building an immunity to this particular, and other antibiotics she may need in the future, they put a specific DOSE on the bottle for a reason, therefore the word OVERDOSE implies that something bad could happen. That is why a Doctor or Pharmacist has to go to college
deepaka 16-03-2013
"No more, you simply can't o.d. with prescription antibiotics. That particular medication can be very ordinary. A lot of people could easily get unwell on their tum within the typical dosage as well as on a higher amount. "
dheer 17-03-2013
"i have recently been explained to of which having an excessive amount of antibiotic may cause one's body in order to reduce it's normal capability to protect against bacterial contamination , yet i wouldn't imagine xiv will almost certainly push anyone within the advantage. they can also result in looseness of the bowels "
parnavi 19-03-2013
"A gentle Trimox overdose will likely certainly not result in just about any meaning(a) or even sustained issues. Withal, a big overdose may impact the actual kidneys, possibly causation bad renal function or perhaps renal failure. It's also fairish that is expected an o.d. would result in from any of the normal Amoxil negative effects, yet maybe additional badly. As an illustration, it is also possible which feeling sick, nausea or vomiting, as well as looseness of would come about. "

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