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Answers (8)

samiya 22-01-2013
Involving great value or even importance; likely to employ a profound relation to success, emergency, or perhaps well-currently being: "crucial habitats regarding animals".
sctsh3 26-01-2013
"Human advancement is the activity of human brain. The human brain is the focus of psychological studies. It is the human brain that has brought material security and cultural improvement."
kajol-ajay 21-02-2013
Having high rank or status.
lakhshan 22-02-2013
Clearly which affects the course of events or the nature connected with things; considerable
shazli_1991 22-02-2013
Acquiring as well as recommending the consciousness involving substantial position or maybe guru; well-respected
savitri_122 23-02-2013
The quality or condition of being important; significance.
sawardekar_984 23-02-2013
of much or great significance or consequence
sayak_69 23-02-2013
the quality or state of being important; consequence; significance.

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