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raimond 28-01-2013
"Autosomal Recessive Sickle cell anemia is an autosomal recessive disease, caused by a point mutation in the gene of 11th chromosome, coding for β-polypeptide chain of hemoglobin molecule, thus producing a defective protein 'HbS' instead of normal one 'HbA'."
guptaa 25-04-2013
"Body's genes ar learned from my biological mothers and fathers inside unique methods. Among the standard habits involving gift of money your genes is termed autosomal recessive heritage. "
chakar 26-04-2013
males and females are equally affected. "Recessive" means that two copies of the gene are necessary to have the trait, one inherited from the mother, and one from the father.
sundar 27-04-2013
A person who has only one recessive gene is said to be a "carrier" for the trait or disease, but they do not have any health problems from "carrying" one copy of the gene.
sanjay 27-04-2013
Most people do not know they carry a recessive gene for a disease until they have a child with the disease.
devsena 29-04-2013
"Once parents have had a child with a recessive trait or disease, there is a one out of four, or 25 percent chance, with each subsequent pregnancy, for another child to be born with the same trait or disorder. "

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