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Answers (4)

beverly69 27-01-2013
"Hyperosmolarity- abnormally increased osmotic concentration of a solution. hypertonic 1. pertaining to or characterized by an increased tonicity or tension. 2. having an osmotic pressure greater than that of the solution with which it is compared. yes they should be."
amar 16-03-2013
"With hormones, hyperosmolar shows that the most effective incorporates a improved osmolar attentiveness (one.age., there's a lot more goods inside it). Thus normally it would be some sort of hypertonic option. However, the hypertonic option is the one which has a better solute concentration as opposed to remedy it is staying placed in exposure to (we.e., in case you set solar cells in a saline; or maybe you have ii options seperated with a tissue layer of various concentrations of mit). A hyperosmolar alternative fair features a better osmolar cocnetration in which a few other solution but it really doesn't have to stay in connection with it (my spouse and the., alternative The osmolality = ten; option N osmolaity = something like 20)."
devendranath 17-03-2013
"Hypertonic refers to a solution getting to a greater extent centred than another remedy it really is in comparison with. E.g., a new cup associated with brine is actually hypertonic to some goblet involving standard water. Hyperosmotic is incredibly nearly the same as hypertonic, practically the identical. Other than, the item refers far more towards osmotic demand compared to those of a different liquid. "
dhyaneshwar 18-03-2013
"hypertonic-smooth has a better power of solutes compared to smooth inside the cell; tissues from it whitethorn shrivel up. unclear about hyperosmotic"

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